Residency Mindset #1 Good News

My name is Tyler and I'm the CEO of Residency. All of my life I've been interested in self-improvement. As boring as it feels to write this sentence, I find learning, improving, and developing mastery really interesting and beneficial, and I think a self-starting mindset is especially valuable in the modern world where so much information (and unfortunately misinformation) is free and available. One of my goals in life is to reclaim and redefine the idea of self-help so that all people can have a better understanding of why true personal growth is not only possible but inevitable with the right mindset and action, regardless of how many BS self-help personalities are out there. 

Self-improvement, like many other subjects/disciplines, has been co-opted by people who mostly want to sell books. I really wouldn't mind that much except for the fact that when understanding, knowledge, and expertise get appropriated in this way, it creates an industry of misinformation and misperception. I believe that most self-help books have great information, but they lack an awareness of one key point: a troubled mind cannot be trusted to fix itself through information alone. The irony of self-help is that typically the people taking in the information (those who are in need of help) cannot trust themselves to put the information into practice or to judge the information in an objective way. A book can tell you that you need to exercise, eat well, sleep, meditate, etc. but if you can't keep those instructions up long-term then the book becomes basically useless, and then the strategies seem pointless too. Before a person puts anything into practice, they have to actually understand and perceive the information in an open and undistorted way. Our ability to do this is in direct proportion to our levels of mental health, experience, and personal awareness - three rare attributes! 

Maybe you're wondering why this blog would be any different from those self-help books considering this is also a blog based on self-help. The reason is that those authors pretend that external information has objective value. We know that it doesn't. Growth is not based on external information, but on a combination of practice, experience, mental health, and personally-realized information (aka epiphanies/clarity). Information itself isn't the issue - the issue is that when we're not fully healthy, we naturally and automatically distort information to justify why we don't have to change or put ourselves in uncomfortable situations. This blog will convey a personal work and health philosophy based on the principle that Growth = Time Spent Outside of Comfort Zone. It's our attempt to deepen the well of self-help understanding to get to the foundation of what we need to do as individuals to gain better control over our lifestyles, careers, relationships, and feelings in life.

Each blog will highlight 1 of 12 Mindset concepts for overall health, awareness, and personal growth. They say that you teach best what you need to learn the most, and we hope that writing about these concepts will help us learn them better and put them into practice more! Like previously mentioned, the struggle usually isn't about finding valuable information and strategies, but about learning what it is that keeps us from consistently putting them into practice (and putting harmful patterns out of practice). That will ultimately be up to you, and that's the good news.