The Getty

These are some photos from our outing to the Getty Center, which had architecture that we liked so much that we didn't end up going inside at all. At one point, Nikki said, "Tyler, you don't understand how refreshed and energized being here is making me feel." But actually, I think I did understand and it was part of a larger plan.  

I plan outings to specific places that inspire creativity and self-reflection because so much of our work revolves around those two things. I was inspired by an event we worked at UCLA when I could tell how encouraged our employees felt simply by being part of the university environment. And being there actually led to them having a greater interest in furthering their education. 


When an environment feels familiar, goals related to that environment seem more plausible. A person who's familiar with a university environment will (generally) see themselves as more capable of getting a degree than someone who has never spent time in that environment and mindset.  

So we try to familiarize our employees with environments that might otherwise seem foreign or daunting so that they gain a sense of mastery in that environment. That feeling of mastery often leads to greater mobility in a person's life and career mostly as a result of a subtle shift in mindset. 

Let us know of any places that you would recommend us to visit!

Your Friend,