Client and Donor Masks

Hey valued client, 

We were thinking of a way to show our clients a mask that they could potentially use either as a promotional (retail) item, or for staff, so we decided to make our own and send you one! This isn't the only mask option, but it is a comfortable and sleek one (the only downside seems to be that it is a little shallow over the nose for some people). Regardless of how this reopening goes and whether or not it leads to a second lockdown, it appears that masks are here to stay for the foreseeable future, and they're a great way to advertise and bring in some extra income. Because people  usually have multiple masks in their arsenal, and because they're affordable, we've heard from clients who have made their own that they're selling well! So we just wanted to send you one for yourself so you have a better idea of what you'd be working with. Below is some more information about pricing and Covid-19 prevention logistics. Please reach out to us at with any question, concerns, or orders! We want to be as helpful for you as we can during this time so please don't hesitate! Stay safe out there! 

Explain color options; include pricing for 48, 100, 500 for one color print. 
Include covid prevention information in terms of production.