About Us

We're a social enterprise that produces custom, branded merchandise and apparel to employ women transitioning out of homelessness. We provide our employees with opportunities for personal growth and self-sufficiency, and we provide our clients with opportunities to support those in need while receiving beautiful products. We produce merchandise and apparel of all styles and fits, and we have expertise in:

*Sublimation, and just about any other kind of production you can think of!

After working with those living on the streets of downtown LA for 7 years, we learned that a person would move forward with their life when they believed that mobility was possible within a supportive community. Now we welcome our employees into an environment that's centered around our self-development program called Mindset. We do so to address the areas of greatest need for those transitioning into permanent residency. These areas include: personal goal-setting, financial planning, mental/physical health, problem-solving, interpersonal communication, and work training.

We believe that challenging, purposeful work naturally leads to personal growth. To emphasize such growth, we offer paid-yoga, paid-therapy, and paid in-house tutoring. We also involve our employees in art workshops that lead to seasonal retail products and reinforce the importance of aesthetic quality. Learn more about our Mindset program HERE

Reach out to us at Hugh@residencyapparel.com or follow us on social media (@ResidencyApparel) to become part of the Residency family!