Covid-19 Prevention Policy

At this point (as of June 2020), we're all aware that Covid-19 is affecting every major industry, and though that is also true for us, we're fortunate to be able to continue producing merchandise for our clients. Selling merch online has actually been a great way for businesses to continue fundraising even while storefronts are closed or limited due to government restrictions. To make sure that our staff, partners, and clients all remain safe while doing business, we have worked with our production partners to ensure that employees are wearing masks, staying social distanced, and treating operations with seriousness and precaution overall. Due to the time it requires a box of clothing to ship, clients should be at no foreseeable risk when it comes to ordering with us. Any trace of the virus (if it somehow did make its way into a box!) would already be gone by the time the boxes arrive. That being said, expect some possible shipping delays during this time though we will do our best to gauge shipment times and delays. 

Until things go back to relative normality, stay safe and precautious! Feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions or concerns, or for specific pricing! We're here for you! 

Your Friends,
Residency (Tyler, Hugh, Nikki)